Time Management

Time management,  I have never realized how important time management really was until I started going to college.  Right at this moment, I am sitting in Starbucks, drinking an iced coffee on my laptop waiting for my next class to begin at 12:30.  It is currently 11:56PM here.
Right now I am taking a course at my college that focuses on time management, and how to act professional in a working environment.  So far, so good.  If you don’t have good time management, you won’t be able to accomplish much of your goals.


To set good time management for yourself, get off the couch and stop watching that television set!  Try doing something proactive, like studying for your next exam, or do your laundry that is long overdue.  One key to setting good time management is to set short term goals and long term goals for yourself.  Short term goals, for example, would be, do exam before it’s due tonight.  Taking advantage of knowing what your long term and short term goals are will help you greatly in life.


A long term goal, for example, would be something like, pay off credit card within the couple of next months.  Or, save up for a down payment for an apartment or vehicle.


My college life is filled of long term and short term goals, however, my current job doesn’t have any long term goals for my job class.


Take some time out of your day to write on a post-it note and jot down your goals for the day or next few days.  Also take some time to think of your long term goals.  It’s not necessarily important to finish a long term goal fast because after all, if you would be able to complete it fast, it wouldn’t be considered a long term goal.


Just some tips from your fellow 19 year old college student that is also employed!


-Jeffrey Wiggin

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Apple In The Morning Equal To Coffee?

Raise your hand if you drink coffee immediately after you wake up in the morning!  OK, enough of that, I might as well raise my hand also, I am guilty..


Believe it or not, I am sitting here writing this blog post before school and I haven’t had a single cup of coffee yet, all I’ve done is taken a hot shower.  I, however, find myself later in the day very cranky if I do not get that cup of coffee in the morning like I always do.


However, I have recently read somewhere on the interwebs that instead of drinking coffee in the morning, try eating an apple instead, no joke.  They do say that eating an apple instead of a cup of coffee will give you the same amount of energy as a cup of coffee does.  I, have not tried this yet, other than eating apples at 4AM in a hotel lobby waiting for the airport shuttle to arrive…  Would you give up your coffee in the morning for an apple?  I think I’ll stick to my cup of coffee in the morning. 🙂