Raspberry Pi Update

Alright guys, it’s been a while since my last blog entry, not that this site interests anyone, or anything…. the last post was about my Raspberry Pi’s and how this website is hosted on one of my Pi’s.  Well, I still have the Raspberry Pi’s, however, we have since switched ISP’s from Spectrum to AT&T Fiber.  I knew switching would be a nightmare, and even read on numerous websites that AT&T blocks port 80 on your modem’s firewall for whatever god knows reason.

Alright, I was okay with the switch because it increased our Internet speed from 120mbps down / 11mbps up to 120mbps down/up, and we’re on fiber, how much better could it get?  Well, here is where it all went south.

The AT&T installer came to our house to do the install while I was at work, this is something I wanted to be present for as I am an IT Technician after all.  Throughout the day, I received text notifications about the installation from my parents.  “The technician wants to move the modem into the living room from the office because it’s easier”.  Okay man, choose the easy route because it is easier.  I get home, and the modem is next to the TV, which is hooked up via Uverse, and it all made sense why the modem is in the most unusual spot there is from an IT Technician’s perspective… Uverse rides on the fiber connection.  Because of that, now every device in our house is now on a WiFi signal, eww gross, and heck, I don’t want to open these walls to perform a wire run to my bedroom.  Then this is where it goes downhill.  I log into the modem with the provided password, go to the firewall settings, attempted to open Port 80 and was prompted with a message “This will distrupt your Uverse TV connection”…. what?  Why is it using an HTTP port?

So a week later I attempted to open the port again, pressed “OK” at the warning message, and poof, my server was live and online.  However, I rechecked the signal 5 minutes later and it was blocked, even with the port being opened.  Thankfully I am smart enough to know how to backup a server and throw all my data on a server in the cloud for $5/month which is much more powerful than a Raspberry Pi 3… I had a feeling the Raspberry Pi project would come to an end to an extent.


However, I am not complaining about the service from AT&T, the Internet is extremely reliable.

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